The Environment

A child’s environment plays a pivotal role in their development, as such our environments are created to be inviting, stimulating, rich and meaningful. Nurturing relationships, strong connections with families and a commitment to developing secure attachments with children as individuals allows us to provide a welcoming and homely place for children to grow. We aspire to create a safe place for our community that supports all families through the early years of their child’s life and encourage connections to the wider community. The wellbeing of a child’s community has a direct impact on the wellbeing of the children within it, therefore respectful partnerships with families are imperative. 

Children’s wellbeing is essential to their ability to accommodate new knowledge and skills, the devotion to creating a space that allows children to be happy, self-aware and caters to the whole child is how educators provide children with quality experiences. In order to children to appreciate and admire the beauty of nature we incorporate an increasing amount of natural materials and play specs into our programs. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and include sustainable practices in service and our programs to ensure a brighter future for our children. 

The Child

Children are naturally curious beings that view the world with innocence and awe. This motivates children to explore their world as all things are potential learning opportunities. Imagination and creativity are the fundamentals of a fulfilling childhood. Children should be provided with open ended experiences and quality environments to allow them the freedom to become confident, yet individual beings. Children are competent and capable humans that, when given trust to manage themselves, opportunities to take risks and support to push personal boundaries it will assist them to reach their full potential. 

We strive to empower children to the courage to take risks in their learning and the resilience to persist when they fail. Each child is unique and we value their individual contribution to the service. Their cultures, experiences and relationships have a direct effort on the way they engage with and meet the challenges of everyday life. Children are inherently loving and gentle souls, their basic needs to understand and be understood should be met with a caring disposition and willingness to listen.  

The Educator

Nurturing and role-modelling kindness, being supportive of children’s needs and being welcoming and non-judgemental are the values we require in our educators. It is imperative educators ensure that children are made to feel safe and secure and that they remain consistently approachable and accessible to children, families and colleagues.  As educators we are in an extraordinary position to make positive impacts in the lives of young children and their families. Educators advocate for the rights of the child and are dedicated to the protection of all children. We are equipped with the skills to assist families and children with their development needs. We endeavour to better pedagogical practices by expanding our knowledge and connection in the field of early childhood. 

Having high expectations of children, intentional programming and engaging in reflective practice all contribute to positive learning outcomes for children. Educators promote a love for and enthusiasm towards education, scaffolding children’s learning and facilitating play to ensure each child’s experience the delight of success. We encourage children to develop the dispositions to be willing to be involved, to be engaged to determined. Each child is made to feel that, in this space and community they will always belong. 

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