Room Programs

Babies Room (0-24 months)

Babies are naturally curious little humans, that explore their world using their senses. Using the latest theories on attachment educators in the Babies room focus on building trusting relationships with babies in order for children to feel safe to explore their environment. Educators follow individual routines for babies and work closely with families to provide the best possible care.

Toddlers Room (2-3 years)

Our program in the Toddlers room emphasises children as being competent and capable beings, encouraging children to use their new found independence to gain confidence and the ability to learn for themselves. Educators provide play-based experiences according to individual children’s interest to encourage optimal learning and development.

Pre-Kinder Room (3-4 years)

Educators in our pre-kinder room guide children to explore the complexities of social skills, forming friendships and navigating social experiences successfully. The program encourages children to learn with their peers and includes a variety of dramatic and pretend play. Providing rich art and sensory experiences for children at this age develops their ability to manipulate tools and objects with increasing confidence.

Government Funded Kindergarten Program (4-5 years)

Our kindergarten program aims to provide children with the skills needed in order for them to have the best possible start to formal schooling. Our school readiness program is designed for children to successfully transition to Primary School. Experienced educators use the Victorian Early Years Curriculum to provide children learning opportunities that both encourage and challenge children in their learning. Through play and investigation children begin to form understandings about the world around them, as well develop emergent literacy skills and the exploration of mathematical concepts. The program deepens children’s understandings of emotions and social roles, equipping children with strategies needed to successfully navigate social interactions and resolve conflicts independently. Educators builds on individual children’s interests, and work with children to increase their ability to concentrate and focus for extended periods of time. Educators provide a rich stimulating environment where children both learn and have fun at the same time.

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